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Cereal box driver's license ?

Originally Posted by MazdaMatt View Post
congrats. I always find it funny when I'm driving at the speed limit and neutral coasting to a light way up there. People in the right lane behind me are leaping into the stream to my left, then when i get to the light, all those people are in a huge lineup on the left and i coast right past them to the line and go as the light turns green. Then i see them pile in behind me, get pissed off and go to the left again only to see me pass them in the right lane again at the next light. I don't "hypermile" i just don't accelerate up to stop.

Really futile is when people tailgate me till i get into a left turn lane, then they blast past me and hit the brakes. The bloody turn lane is only 100 feet long, do you seriously need to floor it for that distance to the light?
Hi, MM !
People are sheep, don't you know? They follow each other...become anxious, lose the minds they don't have, and do wonderfully stupid things !
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