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Originally Posted by Denis View Post
Guys, I quit Ecomodders !

People who tell you that WAY overinflated tires dont wear abnormally are dreamers, liars or drive like grandma. Wanna really saves ga ? Remove the brakes from your car -thy're HEAVY - the handbrake will do...

NO, I quit THIS list, serious, evolving discussion does not seem possible here. It's like those HHO lists where people claim to ignore thesecond law of thermodynamics abd make a perpetual motion machine...cause they wanna !

I only wished that serious people here would start another list with engineering and safety minded ecomodder discussions.

Adieu !

Lion sur Mer
PLEASE don't go Denis! It's the nature of the Forum beast. You often have to reach through some "brown trout" to find the diamonds. Sometimes not fun...but they're diamonds and the brown stuff washes off. Second, if you leave, you abandon us to exactly who you describe. Plus, you are the the second "Denis" I've met (as opposed to a "Dennis")! we need your reasoned voice.
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