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Originally Posted by CapriRacer View Post
Sorry, but tires do not conform to the classical physics interpretation of friction: F= uM (gee, I wish I could post Greek letters!!)
Argg... I had a rather lengthy post written up to revise that post to bring in more variables... Mainly, Stiction (one of my favorite engineering words) and mechanical locking - but Solidworks crashed on me and brought down my entire machine :/ If I can re-find the road tire tribology article on ebsco, I'll come back and link it....

In light of that frustration, and Denis' post - I'm going to break my normal operation and abandon ship... My apologies, I'd be equally pissed on the flip side of that coin....

Before the door hits me in the ass

People who tell you that WAY overinflated tires dont wear abnormally are dreamers, liars or drive like grandma. Wanna really saves ga ? Remove the brakes from your car -thy're HEAVY - the handbrake will do...
Personally, I don't see how to directly link driving like grandma and tire inflation I personally don't drive like grandma - unless legally abiding by a speed limit classifies as that (feel free to gloat about breaking the law, however ). Sorry to see you go, however :/

I only wished that serious people here would start another list with engineering and safety minded ecomodder discussions.
Nobody tell him how many engineers are already on this board

But denis, way underinflated tires don't work as well as perfectly inflated tires. So way overinflated tires must be WAY better!
Not way better - as originally posted

...e minor or nonexistent on dry surfaces and wet surfaces with very little water depth.
Cars have not created a new problem. They merely made more urgent the necessity to solve existing ones.
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