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Originally Posted by MazdaMatt View Post
Yes, this one is quite the can of worms. All i have is a few years of experience in racing and tuning tire pressures for heresay, and all "they" have is data saying that underinflation is no good. Believe neither of us till one of us comes up with a repeatable, properly conducted test. I'm hoping to have a G-force meter next year. I'll use it IN MY STREET VEHICLE to prove one of us wrong.
Well, I have a G-Force tester. Never used it for braking tests but it has that capability. If you and CapriRacer want to outline some test parameters, I might be able to find some time to try it before winter hits. Pretty busy right now, but I can try. You see what rolling stock I have available. The Honda is the obvious choice, though it's tires are on the thin side (jeez, those PROPERLY INFLATED Michelins are wearing out after only 70,000 miles). The newer Ford has fresh meats, but they are 285/70R-17s. The old Ford has fairly new meats too, but it has sucky brakes (sucky from the factory, I mean).

I also have some tire company contacts and I'll see if there are any other studies.
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