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Wow, what a landslide of info! I'm the original poster.

Sorry that you are leaving Denis, but I have to say that this roll down tire lane has been of real benefit, including especially the link to the post on rolldown tests by MetroMPG.

The result for me: I'm keeping my tires at 35 (max inflation on the side of the tire). The tire size I'm using was rated for low RR by Consumer Reports, but sadly the size of my specific tire has 35 max pressure on the sidewall unlike most others of the same model which take 44 psi.

I am no tire expert but I worked at an alignment shop for years and saw many tires with the center of the tread worn out from overinflation. And many many tires separating. Often those were underinflated (which as described above can cause tires to overheat). But too much pressure (as stated somewhere above or on another discussion) can cause fatigue. Rubber doesn't stick to metal well and I for one don't want to "hyperinflate", go over a manufacturers max inflation, and potentially cause separation and an unsafe situation. The max PSI are what the manufacturers have tested the tires to take, and even if they can take a little more, I'd like to have that margin remain as a margin of safety.

So thanks to all the help I am going to keep filling with nitrogen at max inflation and checking the pressure regularly to keep it right at max inflation pressure.

Thanks for the tip on metal valve caps. And for all the fruitful discussion!
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