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regor -

Originally Posted by regor View Post
The first problem you're seeing with the 9999MPG is a feature we added to the latest version 3.15. When you take your foot off the accelerator when driving sometimes the fuel injectors actually cut off all fuel flow to your engine to help conserve fuel. When this happens you're essentially getting infinite mpg since your vehicle is moving but not consuming any gas. The ScanGauge detects when this is happening and shows 9999mpg since it's the higest number it can display.

For your second problem we've found with a few Chevy vehicles around 2000-02 have an issue where the clock is controled by the OBDII port (it shouldn't be, but GM did this for some strange reason) and when the ScanGauge tries different protocols when attempting to connect to your vehicle it tricks the clock into resetting to 1:00. However we found a solution in the form of a modified cable we can send you that will keep this from happening.
Ok, to me this implies that even though 9999 MPG is displayed, your are getting the full "infinite MPG" credit in the MPG calculations.

Request: Can you switch the distance units to Kilometers and tell me if the "KMG" (?!?!?) also goes to 9999?

Very classy response, especially the (free?) cable solution,


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