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hmmm SVOboy nuked this thread a while back because I hit a bicyclist..

change of heart or a mistake is my guess..

This happened when i live in California..

if it isn't one thing its another tho..

I was doing 60mph in the slow lane on 94 north and there was nobody behind me..

then this newer Monte Carlo comes flying up my wazoo... Here in Minnesota people dont look ahead worth a crap so they do the last second lane change getting right up my ass...

I figured that guy was another one of those.. nope, he rode ass..

I didn't want to brake check anyone because I JUST got my truck out of the body shop..
So I tap my hazzards a few times (amber lights) so he'd get the hint to get out of my bubble..

he then started to get closer and highbeam me..

Now I know theres nothing falling, hanging or defective with my truck, so i'm not pulling over.. keep in mine, this is a 2 lane road and he could have easily gone around in the fast lane..

so hes flashing and honking, so i just turn off the cruise control and drop back to about 55mph when he gets on it and goes around me, cuts me off and slams on the brakes..

I truely didn't expect that..

So at this point I turn my California on and give em a tap back.. I couldn't make out their plate because they had those gawdy loud eagle american flag plates that I couldn't make out the plate ID..

they book it and take off, I bet they didn't expect that shizz..

Minnesota drivers have their heads up their ass's in the worst way (o offence to polite drivers on here) 9/10 are gabbin on cell phones.. semi trucks try and give me highway enemas and all the full size truck owners seem to hate mini trucks so they ride ass with their headlights right in your rear window..

California drivers sorry to say, are far more courteous, either that or they assume your gonna brake check em so they keep their distance.

I never had my butt pucker up so much in the slow lane like I do here in Minnesota..

The winter time will sort all of the idiots out, we'll see em in the ditch

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