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Just lowered the price on the rx7 to 12.9k on

I don't know if I need something sporty as much as something that I'll be able to pick up for around $2000, with good mpg as a base to work from.

My overall plan is to have 2 cars for myself. One is my street car that doesn't drink gas by the buckets when you stand on the gas. The second car will probably be something that can double duty as a track car.

Originally Posted by IndyIan View Post
Assuming you want something half sporty, a SOHC 1st gen Neon is a good choice. My very stock one does pretty good in autocross even saddled with an auto transmission, all the DOHC ones have a short final drive and they don't make that much more HP.
I have to ask what you want for your RX7? They must be going up now in price no? I've seen a few at the track and they look very fun!

I guess a Miata would be a good choice too, uses a bit more gas than the neon but is rwd, fun to drive.
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