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Originally Posted by jamessw View Post
I'm unfortunate to have to use my car extremely early in the morning or extremely late at night ( due to working shift patterns ) and now that the cold is setting in, i'm once again going to have to go through the whole ice scraping routine of getting the car ready.

I'm asking if anyone knows the best methods to efficiently heat the car up to running temperature, and get it to do a short journey ( around 5 miles ) as efficiently as possible during freezing temperatures - as I can only imagine that my fuel consumption is going to plummet these coming months.

Any advice is much appreciated, cheers!
I'd guess the best way will be a grill block. It doesn't help that the Ignis is a small light car with a small engine. Unless its working hard it won't heat up that much.

For a block heater you will need access to a driveway / garage and electrical supply, which is not practical in a lot of situations (esp in the UK). Only modern / large houses have land for driveways etc.
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