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Originally Posted by gascort View Post
I don't think this is true. Bike racks, snow plows, those hitch - shelf for your cooler things.... all add length to your car. None are illegal that I know of.

I know in MO, if you have something that extends more than 5 feet (pardon my non-SI unit, but that's what the law says) beyond your bumper, you have to mark it with a red flag. I don't know about if you actually extend your car with lights and such.

PLUS, there's no safety concern; in fact, adding length to your car makes it safer in a crash. (probably not much unless it's reinforced a bit and will crumple a bit in a collision)
if any of this crap was true you wouldn't be able to pull a trailer. You got your lights, you got your tags, it wont be an issue unless you get a nutso cop thats really bored. Then ask him if hes bored and he probably will admit it and leave.
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