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My '82 Chevette

I used to have an "82 Chevette. 4cyl, 4spd, 4dr, I drove it from the dealership to the tire shop where I worked. I swapped the 155/80R-13's for some 175/70R-13's, installed steel valve stems, pumped them up to 40psi, and realigned it. (Sure it was right at the factory)

On trips to Chicago (350 miles each way) it consistantly got 50mpg. The tires were checked for balance and rotated every 5,000 miles--the 40,000 mile tires had 62,000 on them when I replaced them.

I gave it to the ex in the divorce (we had a kid and it was the more reliable of out cars). She traded it in with 206,000 miles on it. I swear it was as well built as anything out of Detroit today.
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