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Originally Posted by basjoos View Post
It hasn't been a problem for the 7 cops that have pulled me over since I installed the boattail. When they stop me I make a point of asking them if there is anything illegal about my car and so far none of them has had a problem with the boattail or nosepiece.
I got pulled over 3-4 times by the night shift cops mainly because I had taken the tailgate of my Ford Ranger and apparently someone close to my vehicle desription was stolen. Cops are annoying, somewhat lazy, and highly misdirected by dispatch! Dispatchers (mainly women) seem to struggle to get murders and cops sent to correct location and issue.

Anyway, I have enjoyed your thread. I am really curious about your Battery configuration. If you can help me I have some questions. How many batterys do you have? Battery amp/volt? The configeration of the battery, photovoltaic, and alternator, and roughly how many wire connection and control switch type.? Thanks
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