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Originally Posted by MazdaMatt View Post
Because I love my car, i let it idle while I scrape the ice off of it. More ice means more idle. If its -25C with no ice, i start it and go inside for a couple minutes. Mileage be damned, its F'in cold out there and I'm not about to submit the internal parts of my engine to the abuse of start and go at those temps. I'll be installing a block heater when i have the time and my new house has a garage that my car will fit in, once i'm fully moved in.
This isn't actually as helpful as you think. The initial startup is always hardest on the engine, and even at 25C, once the oil is flowing it's better to move it than sit. The parts where heat really matters are hot enough within 30 seconds, remember that there's very little flow of coolant, and by extension movement of the temp gauge, until the engine is up to operating temps internally.

Block heaters help, naturally, and when it's that cold, if I have to drive a car, I grab the heated gear I use on my Burgman. Forget waiting 5 minutes for a cold car to blow hot air.

And to all: blocking off the radiator is the single most important thing that MUST be done in the winter time. That radiator is sized for the engine running at high load in 100F+ temperatures, and it is grossly over-efficient in the winter time. My Burgman will not even get off the C unless my radiator is fully blocked. And it doesn't overheat below 50F unless I hit the highway. Too much air cooling going on down below.
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