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Originally Posted by IndyIan View Post
Are any engine parts splash lubricated anymore? Cylinder bores? I've heard that idling the engine when cold is bad for it as basically the oil ain't splashing when its thick and cold at idle. And idling doesn't warm up the oil quickly at all so the splash lubed parts get no lube for quite a while.

I'm running full synthetic 5W30 now so I just get in and drive, I don't use over 1/4 throttle for a few minutes but then its all go. I have been known to drag the brakes while on the gas in town to get the car to warm up quicker but that was just for my comfort... I guess its better for the engine to actually get up to temperature but that wasn't the main idea at the time.
Cylinder bores have been forced lubricated... For a while. My '90 Subird had them. I can't really think of anything gets splashed, really.

As for thick oil, this is why they make low viscosity synthetic oil. My Burgman calls for 10W40 dino, and I run 5W30 synthetic. Makes winter starting easier, and in some cases, possible. Those small batteries don't like cranking against all that useless oil pressure.
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