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Mustang belly pan

I know you don't think of mustang trying to get better mpg but I have to (hopefully not for long). My EPA highway mileage is rated at 23 on a 2002 mustang gt (my only car). With a long list of bolt on mods and I run synthetic oils (oil does help). My average trip home has been @25.5 mpg(9 trips), which I think is not bad for doing 80mph and traveling mountains.
Long story short......I have been lurking here and finally decide to put a belly pan on my mustang. I could only find clear polycarbonate sheets at .030 gauge. Yes, it flexed but used it. I filled in from my front bumper cover (full width)to the back of the K-member with cutouts for my control arms. After much flack from the other mechanics at work I had it done.
I hit the freeway after work and found the front-end felt lighter and more responsive, kindof like going from 20 psi (spongy)in the front tires to over inflated On my trip home I actualy hit 210 miles to 1/2 tank I has surprised I was feeling good about making to las vegas on 1 tank of fuel I came out of the moutain pass and hit high winds and was thinking okay I should make it (have 1 gallon can of spare gas). I pressed on *thinking I can do it*. I made it @ 20 miles outside of las vegas (from Salt lake city) and my gas light came on I was thinking crap going to have to walk. Luckily it was basicaly down hill from there my car made it to the gas station and I filled up with 14.3 gallons and made it 393 mile to the tank, which came out to 27.48 MPG!!
I just wanted to say thanks to this website for tips on increasing my mileage.


P.S. next mod might be a upper grill covering, just have to figure out how to make it bend and mold to my existing body lines to keep it look good.

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