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scenic - '01 renault scenic
90 day: 43.09 mpg (US)

megane - '97 renault megane classic
90 day: 72.53 mpg (US)

dennisius - '06 Toyota Prius
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Thanks for the replies. I will read this doc again.

With the scenic, a 2001 dCi (turbo diesel common-rail), I'm currently at EPA +33% in the morning when I have light traffic. In the evening with medium traffic I have "only" EPA +10%. With some short trips during week-ends, I have a current tank at EPA +20%.

With the megane, a 1997 turbo diesel, my best tank is EPA +50% and I don't have any iMPG display in it...

Whatever I'm doing, I can't do better then the EPA +33% during my morning commutes with the scenic. On the highway my best is Highway-EPA +10%, but to do that I have to drive at 10-15MPH under the speed limit. At steady Highway speed limit the Highway-EPA is simply unachievable...

Now my best tank with the megane was done this summer with hotter temperatures (20-30°C vs 5-10°C now) and lower traffic (25 minutes vs 35-55 minutes now). Against traffic, I avoid heavy traffic and stop the engine when I'm idle more than 15 seconds.

I have a big hill to climb. Thanks to the iMPG display I'm now accelerating quickly at the beginning and keeping a steady speed of 70 km/h to have a 7 l/100 consumption. Before I was accelerating more slowly and had a consumption over 10-12 l/100 during all the hill.

With the scenic I'm using both NICE-On Coasting and Dfco . I'm first using NICE-On Coasting to lower MPG without loosing too much speed, then using Dfco to have a null consumption and loose more speed. With the megane I was using only NICE-On Coasting so I was not saving as much fuel. Both cars have same tires with a 51 PSI sidewall. While megane is inflated at 46, scenic is inflated at 51 currently. But the comfort in the scenic lowered a lot from 46 to 51 so I may go back to 46. During my few city driving, I feel the coasting lasting forever

About grill blocks on both cars, I closed the lower one except the sixth toward the turbo.

I'm just wondering if there could be diesel specific tips, noticeably on these common rail diesels. These high pressure diesel have a better consumption, but seams to be more difficult to eco-drive.

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