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Originally Posted by SuperTrooper View Post
Aptera deposits are only $500, not $5000.
Your point? The Aptera's supposed to be selling at around $30K instead of $100K, too.

This is why founder Steve Fambro was demoted; so that investors had a "money" man in charge and not a starry-eyed dreamer.
I'll take issue with that "demoted". I don't pretend to know anything about Aptera's internal management decisions, but I've worked for a few startups. They're generally founded by engineers or scientists, people who know the technology, in other words. In the beginning, they often find themselves wearing management hats too, and usually don't do this very well. (Which is not surprising, IMHO: would anyone expect a manager to do the engineering?) Once the company grows to a certain point, it makes sense to hire real management types to do the management, and let the engineers go back to engineering.

It's a sad commentary on this society's values that going back to engineering should be considered some sort of demotion. Management is where engineers go when they can't hack the engineering any longer.
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