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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Definitely worth getting, Matt. Do eeeet!

Any more observations, bbjsw10? That was a massive improvement, according to the Guino.
Yeah Matt, get one and everyone else who has a car that lives in the cold climates.

Observations, Hmmm. Firstly I love it, we have had frost about 10 times now and the windshield is half defrosted when I go outside. Just from ambient heat from core rising.

The mileage increase has been like that everyday when using this. I tested 1 morning without and dropped right back to the 35-37Mpg range, I shall run it everyday now. This was the easiest/cheapest mod for cold weather, IMHO. I am seriously thinking about adding one to my Wife's Civic Si, too. I have not had a cold start trip under 50Mpg since using this, and some runs were only 1.5 miles(which was just for a test I normally don't turn it on unless needed) So Yeah I Love It!!
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