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When you remove a watt from the load on the alternator you remove more than one watt from the engine load
the stronger the field the stronger the resistance to the engine
As long as the field is off the alternator is nothing but a flywheel and an extra pulley. But when accelerating you still have that extra rotating mass to contend with and even at constant rpm with no load you still have the belt friction loses

The problem with removing it is that single 12V battery is not enough power to drive with
you will go dead fairly soon
Modern cars are simply not designed to conserve electricity
There is probably a two hundred watt draw on your 12V system with out even the headlights on

You can fix that by replacing brake, dash, cab and running lights with LEDs
You can probably fit about thirty watts worth of photovoltaic panels on even a small roof
And adding an extra battery to run in parallel with your original will more than double available range
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