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newbie questions

I'm new to all of this, arduino, schematics, everything. Is the OBDuino a project a newbie could tackle? I've been trying to follow this thread and am unsure if someone actually has a working version of the OBDuino in a CAN car? My father-in-law and I want to make a HUD with either the MPGuino or the OBDuino, we both drive 2008 cars that should be CAN (Ford Focus, Smart fortwo). We like the OBDuino because of all the info it seems to offer but the MPGuino looks way cheaper and easier for a newbie to make and program (it is available as a kit after all). A final question that our ability to make an HUD hinges on is whether or not the programming for these devices can be written in such a way as to reverse the display (mirror image)?
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