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I use boost, and plenty of it. I'm always accelerating at 5 to 10 psi in my TDI. I usually shift at 1600 rpm and cruise at the lowest speed possible. If I need to go up a huge hill, I just stick it at peak torque and give it up to 95% load. That's how I did my 79.9 MPG tank.

Originally Posted by ConnClark View Post
Also note that a warm air intake does not make a diesel more efficient. It actually lowers its fuel economy and increase NOx emissions.
I agree with the NOx statement, but I'd like to have a reference on your reduced fuel economy claim as it's not been my experience.

Originally Posted by ConnClark View Post
A nice free flowing intake helps too. [...]
If you have a turbo engine adding an intercooler will help. It may shift your power band to a lower rpm to some degree but it improves both performance and mileage.
The intercooler definitely help pack more air in, but I don't see how it improves fuel economy by itself. In fact it's a significant restriction in the intake. In my TDI there's a 3 psi pressure drop from the IC. Could you please provide a reference?
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