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Originally Posted by The Atomic Ass View Post
I don't mean to rain on the parade... But it seems to me like you went to a lot of work that could have been avoided, by simply interrupting the injector fuse at the fuse block... If the xB doesn't have an injector fuse at the block, though, feel free to ignore my ignorance...

And I don't know how you hold the stick, but I usually drive with my hand around the circumference, and would therefore install the switch into the head of the shifter knob. Just my $.02
Check out the first schematic in my OP, On my car the 'EFI relay' does not switch the voltage to the injectors on or off. It does have an injector fuse, but that also controls power to several other items. I wanted to cut the injectors only.

I seem to lay my palm over the top of the shifter and let my fingers hang down the front.
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