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Originally Posted by cmags View Post
I think its time for me to try this out - looks like this has come far enough. I never really go the chance to look into any of the programming myself with other things at home and work taking the majority of my time, but I really appreciate the work you guys have put into this. I'll hardly have the time even to solder something up and program via copy/paste, so hopefully I'll find a few hours soon to try this out.

I'm in an ISO car, with a MAP intake. Looking at the code it looks like the OBDuino automatically converts MAP to MAF (approx) if the MAF PID request doesn't return expected data. So If i'm understanding properly, all I have to do is comment out the #define ELM and I should be good to use the following schematic:

Are you using the mc33290 chip and if so, where did you find it? It looks like digikey no longer stocks it, but they link to a MCZ33290EFR2 equivalent (I think, without looking too closely, it's just RoHS compliant). I think I'm going to order a few of these if this is the right piece.
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