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Originally Posted by trebuchet03 View Post
For super low tech... Wool is fireproof - and I imagine if supported and mounted properly, it'd be stable. Might not handle other environmental variables, however.
Going even more low tech you might consider papier mache.

Before you fall about laughing Toyota trialled it on one of their Le Mans sports cars in the late 1960's and found it was tough enough to hang together at around 300 kph (180 mph ) or so.

Many fire proofing agents are readily available if that is a concern.

A mix of PVA glue (commonly known as white glue or woodworker's glue) and water ( 50 / 50 ) provides a workable solution when wet and adds stiffness when dry. A suitable varnish will make it water proof.

A former is needed to give it a shape but this can be removed after the material is dry enough to be self supporting. Maybe the aluminium fly wire can be used for this?

Cheers , Pete.
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