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Originally Posted by Peakster View Post
Sounds fantastic! What are some obstacles for going car-free during the winter months in Texas?
During the winter I am at home in New Hampshire or at School in Vermont. Texas would be MUCH easier to deal with since they never get snow or ice. At school I don't keep a car since all of my needs are provided by campus or a trip to a store with friends every ~3 weeks. At home it would be pretty impossible since ice mixed with snow banks shrinking the roads would make for some extremely unsafe conditions to bike or walk in.

Part of my apprehension about the summer is I am graduating in May, and maybe going to graduate school so I have no idea where I will be living...

A bicycle is what I consider the first step to independence from the oil overlords. I was doing 400-485 km (250-300 miles) a week pretty easily while working 50 hours. I'm not the most in shape guy, but pretty skinny, as well. A lot of the riding was for pure fun.

Are you keeping the car in a situation where things don't turn out?
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