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Cool, I guess it is more appropriate to have my own thread than continuously hijack the OBDuino thread. I was thinking the exact same thing about using a reverse polarized LCD with a bright backlight. Either that or a Vacuum Fluorescent Display but those are much more expensive so I'm hoping a reversed LCD will work (I can reverse the polarizer myself, have been doing it with cheap calculators to make sure it works). Right now I have just been using my cell phone to "prototype" the set up. I have experimented a bit with a cheap fresnel lense and can "project" the image on a plane that is perfectly vertical instead of reflected on the slanted windshield. Due to the small width of the screen, distortion due to the curved windshield doesn't seem to be a big issue, however ghosting is. Have gotten some ideas from a thread on Not sure I will be able to get the image projected out in front of the car though.
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