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Originally Posted by gascort View Post
I know in MO, if you have something that extends more than 5 feet (pardon my non-SI unit, but that's what the law says) beyond your bumper, you have to mark it with a red flag.
I worked for a while at a lumberyard in MO, and asked a Highway Patrolman specifically about that, since we were putting a lot of flags on stuff. He told me THREE feet - past the back of a lowered tailgate of a pickup truck. I guess that would be close to 5 feet overall...

Originally Posted by thefirebuilds View Post
if any of this crap was true you wouldn't be able to pull a trailer.
You're thinking in the wrong context, thefirebuilds: The idea is how far things are behind the taillights. Think at night, or coming up to a light. Something sticking out of a trunk or the back of a pickup tends to not have any "depth" to it, and is easy to run into. Trailers (AND THESE BOATTAILS) have their own lights in the back, which then will be a new reference point for the lady putting on makeup and talking on the cell phone behind you to use to stop by...

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