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Originally Posted by GenKreton View Post
Part of my apprehension about the summer is I am graduating in May, and maybe going to graduate school so I have no idea where I will be living...
Sounds like you're in a similar boat as me. This is also my last year of university and I have no idea what my future beholds. The exciting thing is that both you and I can start out our lives anywhere and anyhow we wish. We're pretty adaptable and young enough where it can't be a better time to make a change (since we don't have the responsibilities of mortgages, marriages, kids, jobs, etc.)

I too like having a car while in school (it real handy when I need materials for sculpture class and be able to quickly drive to a hardware store and use the Geo as my 'truck'). So I'm going to keep it until I'm done with the U. of Manitoba before going all out. Meanwhile this is a perfect time for me to get used to walking places and I may even start using a bicycle a bit before the semester end.

Are you keeping the car in a situation where things don't turn out?
That's a good question. The problem of keeping a car 'just in case' may lead to using it more than I need. For instance my mom wanted me to drive my sister to work downtown tonight. It would be a lot easier to say "Sorry, I don't have a car" than "I don't want to because I want to save money". By the way, I did drive her. I'll definitely give it some thought.

One part of me wants to sell my Geo (I'm not emotionally attached to the car and I could recoup some of the $2,300 I spent buying it since I'm sure high-FE cars will be in huge demand this spring) and keep "Gloria", my Tempo. That's because I really like Gloria: the insurance is cheap ($50 a month) and no one wants to ride in it!

On the contrary, I know I can live without owning a car at all.

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