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So you reflected the upside down lcd onto a mirror and from the mirror to the windshield? Not a bad idea but I'm hoping to use the software to reverse the LCD, reflecting the image only once (onto the windshield) should maintain a higher brightness than multiple reflections. I just read a little about OLED displays (as they are available with the proper driver) and they are supposed to have significantly greater brightness and contrast than an LCD with a cost much cheaper than a VFD. The cheapest I have found a 16x2 VFD is $65, found a 16x2 OLED for $25 on ebay. I am certain that even a backlit LCD will work at night but I think it will take something brighter with higher contrast during the day. Right now the only backlit LCD i have is my cellphone and its difficult to read in bright daylight driving conditions anyway.
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