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Originally Posted by zwoodward View Post
So you reflected the upside down lcd onto a mirror and from the mirror to the windshield?

Originally Posted by zwoodward View Post
I'm hoping to use the software to reverse the LCD, reflecting the image only once (onto the windshield) should maintain a higher brightness than multiple reflections.
One thing I haven't mentioned about trying to do it in software is that the lcd character generator is all fixed (except for 8 customizable ones). There is no reasonable way to reverse/flip the bit patters for the standard character set so "TANK MPG" will be upside down in the big display, as will all standard characters. But if you are doing all big block numbers then you have control of the arrangement of the "blocks" there and can generate an upside down image. Maybe with a flash of the screen abbreviation when you press a button (up to 4 chunky letters).

Also, regarding brightness, a single mirror isn't losing much, especially compared to the windshield. Though it does add some bulk, cost.
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