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I think they make a one-piece drag racing fiberglass front end for your Civic. It replaces everybody panel ahead of the firewall. IIRC, they come in a widebody version. Since they're fiberglass (maybe) you could fiberglass over the wheel wells since you're using narrow tires instead of wide drag slicks. They you'd just have to find a way to limit your front steering angle a bit. No moving fender parts. You might be able to play with wheel offset or use different control arms to make a narrow track setup for your now solid state fully-skirted Civic.

It looks like you'd be able to tweak a one-piece nose to your use. You could mount it higher than normal for instance. That would raise the hood to shroud your wipers. You could also build a frame and mount the whole thing on hood hinges. It would basically be one BIG hood. You'd have great access to your engine bay.

You could drill some holes in the nose for radiator cooling or you could move the radiator back to your new boattail {hint hint}. 90mm Hella headlights would be an easy to mount lighting upgrade. Drill some holes and wire them up.

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