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Originally Posted by bennelson View Post
I have potential bad news.

In inspecting the engine, I see wetness oozing from what looks like the spot between the head and the rest of the engine.

The coolant in the expansion tank looks dirty.

Do I have a leak in the head gasket, causing the oil and coolant to mix, and cause these other problems?
If I was concerned about the head gasket I'd refill the cooling system with 50/50 water anti freeze solution and watch it for a few days, if it lowers the coolant level within a few days I would be very suspicious of the head gasket, but before jumping to the conclusion it's the head gasket check to make sure you don't have any leaks around the radiator cap, thermostat housing, in the radiator, or leaking radiator hoses/heater hoses. Another thing you could do is drain the oil and check for coolant in the oil. Have you noticed excessive steam from the tail pipe? If so that's probably the engine burning the coolant. Another forum I am a member of is there are several pretty knowledgeable people there that might have some suggestions too.

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