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Originally Posted by Magister View Post
When you shutdown the engine, the OBDuino detect it and save trip info in EEPROM, you can then switch off the board by unplugging it or put a switch on the +12V as I did.

There is 2 trips, one is used for tank and the other as a normal trip. Both can be monitored for fuel consumption, distance, fuel taken. For the tank trip it can also display the remaining distance you can drive on your tank.
Oh really? That's awesome on all counts! I like having a trip and tank tracking on my MPGuino but was willing to give it up because of some of the direct VSS pulse capture issues I'm having. I had also been pushing to recode so that the MPGuino would save the values to ROM so we can wire to ACC so as not to have constant on to save values. I guess we lose the capability of tracking EOC, but that's fine by me. I hardly ever do that anyway.

Out of curiosity, how do you check for engine shutdown? It won't confuse a DFCO as a shutdown, correct?
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