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Originally Posted by EOD guy View Post
I was just looking for giant capacitors on Eb@y and came across something that I think might be able to power a motor for long enough to make my idea useful... a 20 farad cap! It's for a sound system, but GADZOOKS!! That's a lot of bloody capacitance! Now I just wonder if it would move the car by powering the motors, or by detonating them with one massive arc of electricity... Thoughts, anyone?
IIRC F = A.s / V
A car battery is 50Ah (180 kA.s) and 12V, ie 15 kF and you need a dozen batteries.
Your 20 F is a 1/750 of a battery for the same price
IIRC to run a car you need 200W/h so your 20 F is enough for 30 seconds.

!!! IANAL, nor a battery expert, so this may be as comparing apples and oranges...
As said by Blue Bomber Man, the capacitor is only a buffer between the batteries and the generator/motor.

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