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SVOboy, I can see the pics of the new Honda, hosted by autoblog, but not your pics. Your site says the edrive-images-crxmpg-com directory is not found (insert crying smilie here).

The winter weather did a number on my cardboard grill block. So I finally got my permanent Coroplast block installed a couple of weeks ago, when we had some nice 50*F weather. Here's the before
and after
shots. I was able to tape a large piece of paper on my bumper. and get the outline of the grill opening by rubbing with a crayon. The perimeter of the block was sealed with black silicone. It's attached using six black wire ties and four black license-plate bolts.

Daox, I used a utility knife to cut the Coroplast, and only ended up with one cut on my finger. But not from the knife, from pointy end of a compass I was using to scribe an offset around the edge of the Coroplast! Much better than a cut tendon.

deadman, my cardboard block had no affect on the engine temps when I installed it last summer. There is a huge opening underneath, between the bumper and the air dam. I added the molding at the front of the hood this winter, and was still running cold. I had to block my radiator with cardboard to get the engine back up to temp.

And no, I'm not going to block the bullet hole on the passenger side. That's a memento from the 'hood.
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