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I disassembled my dash tonight and rewired the duino to use the signal VSS at the speedometer. Works like a champ! I did retouch all the solder joints and I have my duino hardwired instead of using the phone cord. (I used CAT5 stranded patch cord). I mounted the switches to a small perf board and put them in the dash in front of the steering wheel and they look great. Can hardly see them and they look like they have always been there. I also modified my lcd by removing the polarizing film and rotating it to give the light numbers and dark background. Very easy on the eyes at night. I use the brightness setting 1 and I may end up changing the settings for the 3 preset levels since it is so bright. I don't have it in an enclosure yet, but I will post pics when I am done. On the first try out, I did have the vss set to 8000, but the speed was double what I was actually travelling, so I am using 16000 now. Seems to be very close. Great work and many thanks to all who contribute to this project.
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