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Yes the people here are nice, and very friendly, but I will have to say that almost anywhere I went the people were pretty good with a few exceptions(certain areas of TO and Brampton). Yes the 4 banger does get worker on a few hills and I would think I may even have to shift to third had I the 3 banger.

When I feel a need for speed I take out the Impala, nothing like 520 horses to get you over the next hill, and a bit of speed to coast over the next two.

I think the big thing for me right now here is staring at the ocean with the fall winds coming strong. That ocean is so powerful its nuts, but I guess it's no surprise with 80-100kph winds helping.

My daughter likes jumping in the swells at the beach this past summer, mind you I was right there if she did get pulled off her feet, she's such a fish, like her dad.
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