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noowun heer. whats the drill?

speek geek to me, it turns my mileage up.

info: Im using a 93 corolla for a testbed and looking for squeeky extra miles. by technique or by techtools. I have a 30 min commute daily so I get hiway miles, even at 230k on the cloc tho it does burn some lube. watching and hoping the iguino works out or somebody like it -they have a good idea there- needs a bit of development maturation but its coming along.
Im not sure if the device counts time of EFI on-pulse and ratiometrically converts to a fuel flow or or if it counts a clock while the EFI holds the injector on. fuel flow is not completely linear with pwm driven injectors at fast openings but keeping them very clean does help.

question #1 - whats the easiest way to clean injectors without taking them apart - is anybody using a pulser testcircuit to fire them under pressure with cleaner. been seeing stoddard solvent mentioned for this also. its easy to use an electronic circuit to fire them but I dont see many mentioned. some joe I see is using his driver design to fire them @ pumping cleaner thru them for his ESCORT and is claiming 38 - 39 mpg by keeping very clean and finding good tight parts by finding junkyard spares and testing them.

question #2 - anybody know whwere I can find real data on the toyota oxygen sensors - what voltages mean they start to show aging or trip problems, any profile data to tell when they are aging? there were some recovery tips a while back but I dont think they were very scientific. these sensors can be poisoned by bad materials. same can happen with cats. Q2A - does it help to add heat or insulation to them on the 2-wire types??

question #3 - whats easiest way to detect cat aging/contaminant and any ways to superheat it to clear contaminants.

I can tell you from a dodge experience- firing a dead cylinder for about half an hour at idle will redden up your converter, and start a fire on the grass if you arent careful.

question #4 - how do you purge the accululated intake products without pulling the manifold and/or the head- any motorvac junkies out there that would bust out a secret??
its said to work OK to run a vac line strate to the can of walmart injector cleaner or seafoam, then throttle up just eneough to prevent stall for say 3-4 minutes. does this really work at all or just make smoke? the intake valve and port are what most needs cleaned and this might do it, the motorvac guys coudl probly speak to it as its their main process method.

question #5- where do these motors ( 4eTC) burn the oil worst- is it rings or valve seals?? Im not getting the blue puffs rfom seals ( only 120K on those) but no bad tailpipe smoke either and very few wet drips but its going out somewhere. using 10-20Wsynth- probly goes thru tiny holes when its hot also. dont wanna 'RESTORE' it but am thinking what else to try without pulling it down.

dang lil thing is hardy- it just keeps on going and it has a long ways to go. wish I had a spare mill so I could build one and swap out altho it was only EPA'd at 29 hiway, it gets better than that now. Im still looking for better mileage and I think its there if I can just find how to get to it. gotta get the facts and watch its moves to tell whats going on. the obd1 isnt so good at telling about that b ut I thought to try a realtime scanner/display to scope the senssors if there is one thats cheap and works.

OK, go ahead and grind away on my growls - I can take it and I appreciate the education - I will learn to be a better communicator some day but im just a wirehead for the present.

very nice to see this board too, its a good spot to learn and scope around to see whats happening in the self-made mileage works. lots of good things come from that. to junkjockeys likeme - it's called independence from the other end of the machine.

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