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Update on grill block

I've had the grill block on for about a week. At the same time I routed a temperature gauge into the engine compartment. It's a $20 LCD attached to a ~10 foot lead. I've been driving my usual 15 mile commute and monitoring the undehood temps. Cruising at 65 mph the temp would hover around 130 F with outside temps around 60-70. Today I had to drive 40 miles on the freeway. After 35 miles I noticed that the underhood temp was around 140 F, at the same time the engine temp gauge started to move from its normal halfway position. I pulled off the freeway and checked the coolant level and it was fine. I cut the grill block on either side of the Ford emblem and got back on the freeway. Once I got up to speed the coolant temp went back to its normal halfway mark and the underhood temp went down to 80 F!
I did not expect that little bit of lawn edging to make such a difference!
I'm guessing that there's a bit of heat build up that I don't see in my 15 mile commute. Is there a connection between the grill block and the air dam that is reducing the amount of air available to remove the hot radiator air?
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