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wheel arch

Originally Posted by fit7ad View Post
Any chance you can repeat the tuft test with a partial cover? There may be significant improvement just by lowering the wheel arch a bit. That would be really helpful to less ambitious folks like myself. Thanks for the good work.
I don't have any independent mpg numbers for partial covers but what I will tell you,is that if they're more than a couple inches deep ( 50 mm+) they'll tend to rub the tire,as I discovered on my Volkswagen, Honda,Dodge,and Toyota, and will need to be articulated as basjoos and MetroMPG have done.------------------------ For all the trouble,seems like we're better off doing the full,articulated skirt.Some early high-mpg concept cars began with fractional wheels skirts only to be superceded by full skirts in later endeavors.I think there's a big lesson there.
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