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i'd have loved for it to be a manual, they are much more fun to drive as well has FE but nothings perfect... and yeah, the KBB on the vehicle is around 3500, and the guys selling it for 1000 firm. my school is starting an EV project (s) with the science and vocational departments co-operating. I talked to my teacher and i will be one of those select few involved with the project. We have two dead 4x2 pickups at the school donated by a local dealership, and we have gotten a grant from the state to start an EV program. HOW COOl is that???? we'll start by converting those 2 via kits to EVs then with the knowledge garnered from that and other sources begin a program converting people's vehicles to EV to teach the voc. kids about the technology to give them a leg up in future vehicular competition. i spoke to my teacher about the truck and he said that they would welcome it as one of, or the first personal vehicle to convert. so, with all of the collective automotive knowledge involved i dont think it would be much of a problem to make it 4x2 EV or even FWD.
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