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Which mass produced car is closest to a teardrop shape ?

One of these days, when I actually own a house with a garage, I plan to create a car that is as streamlined as I can possibly make it.

If I ever get around to something like that, I would convert the car to an electric vehicle with a small biodiesel engine as supplemental power.

All this is just a daydream and would quickly be flushed down the toilet if there was an affordable electric car offered within my budget ( poor boy budget )

So this is just a daydream, but looking at the shapes of old cars, the 1992-1995 Mazda MX-3 looks very close to an ideal tear drop shape.
The car also has a small frontal area and low weight, unlike cars such as the Trans-Am or Camaro .

This is how I would butcher an MX-3 if given the chance :

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