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Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
I think so,my senior moments forbid me saying anything in a definite affirmative.There are some more materials on the way in the post.Hope they help! And yes,that is a VW front end.Keeps things simple.Hypercar,as well as everything else on hold until more shop/studio completed.Mother Nature is digesting my projects faster than I can shelter them.The Karmann Ghia is slated for electric conversion.I've cut the roof off it,have another bubble canopy.May have to do a laminated safety glass windscreen to be legal.I only live 6-moles from Denton,so low-tech batteries probably okay for me.I like the "EKG"!
Not sure about Texas laws and windshields but depending on size/height/mounting regs. you may be able to insert a flat oval glass into a cut out section of the canopy. That's what I've been considering for a similar project. Would hate to do it but it would help maintain much of the canopy's intentions.
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