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Making an electric bicycle (looking for advice)

I love riding my bicycle and I only work 5 miles from where I live. I was wondering if there is a relatively simple way to convert a bicycle to have an electric motor on it. It doesn't have to go particularly fast, maybe a top speed of around 20 mph. I am just looking for a way that could get me to work more quickly then my own power can do that does not require me to use my car since the commute is so short. I would also use this to get to the grocery store and around campus since I live in such an urban area.

If you know of any tutorials or links to kits or instructions I would really appreciate it, I have found a few but none really go into much detail about setting up the speed controller and making the drive train / the drive train is too elaborate for my means of fabrication.

Also, there is an electric bicycle club at my college which I am going to look into tomorrow but I figured that you guys might get me a head start on this since it's a pretty small organization on campus.

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