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Why not greatly reduce your side view mirror's size AND add cameras at the same time? maybe someone here knows how to search the Florida motor vehicle code book on-line? Assuming for a moment your state doesn't required a minimum number of square inches for an outside side view mirror...

I could imagine starting with a mirror pod 1/4 the regular size, maybe shaped from a block of foam and made from fiberglass, or scanvenged from a sport bike.

Housed inside would be both a tiny mirror element of say 6cm x 4cm, and a camera beside it. If you wanted to get cute, core a hole in the mirror glass and nest the camera in the glass mirror. You'd technically have a traditional mirror (anyone here old enough to remember dental mirrors on Harley choppers in the 70's?) The mirror would hopefully pass muster with your local law enforcement, and you'd have a camera for a useful 'real' view of things.
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