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physics aside... I also am looking for ways to more efficiently drive my big (huge) diesel truck. It is less aerodynamic than a brick and weighs between 5000 and 8000 pounds depending on the load. Constant throttle is no good because if i'm doing 80km/h and i reach a SLIGHT slope, i will lose 15km/h and drop down to a lower gear, then that throttle position can't maintain the high revs and i slow down even more. On a downhill, constant throttle may gain me 5km/h.

Should i be gradually accelerating towards a hill? should i be easing off the throttle during the downhills so i'm using less gas? If i drop throttle on the downhill it will not coast, it will slow down quickly and downshift.

It seems my THREE-SPEED tranny shift 95% based on speed and just barely based on load. ie, accelerating up to 65, i can drop throttle and it will upshift, or i could not drop throttle and it will shift at 70. If i DO drop throttle, by the time i'm in the new gear, i'm only doing 61-62 and any amount of throttle will cause it to downshift again... I kind of hate life when i'm driving this p.o.s.

I will not be investing in bolt-ons and upgrades. Yes, i WANT the turbo 5-speed manual, but i have the 7.3L N/A 3-speed auto... there is no changing that.

I keep my tires at sidewall max of 65psi and I drive 85-90 on the highway (100km/h) and I drive 70 in the 80km/h zones. My last trip was ~23L/100km (that's NOT mpg! my car gets about 6.8L/100km)
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