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New user intro and pick-up aero modding

Hello everyone!

I've recently been linked to view one of the forum members work on a civic and found this forum that way.

Let me just say that would have probably joined this forum a long time ago had I known it existed, I am definitely into some home brewed radical solutions to problems in order to maximize performance.
I have experimented with aero modding of a car quite a bit, only from a different angle, namely adding downforce to my old racecar.

But, as I see it, modifications done to the car to improve gas mileage isn't that far off from stuff I've been doing in the past and I am ready to tackle some aero work from that direction for change .

And without much more introduction let's go straight into the depth of the brick that I'll be driving soon.

I'm currently looking for a used Toyota T100 to replace my gas chugging GMC Sierra 5.3L V8.
I needed the GMC at the time for towing and work but the needs have changed and I'm now looking for a T100 4 cyl / 5 spd to replace it as I still need that size of PU for work.
Nice thing about the T100 4 cyl (aside of the legends about it living forever) is the relatively good gas mileage of 21 city /25 hwy or so, but, since we're here to discuss aero-modding than here are some of my thoughts -

* An aerodynamic shell, shaped like the back of my wife's 05 Prius.
* Moondiscs on the wheel, subject to verification of sufficient cooling for the brakes.
* Streamlined wheel well at the rear with the aid of a cover, attached with recessed bolts or nuts (whatever will be easier to fabricate).
* Partial smooth bottom and/or front air dam.

Comments, questions or any other piece of info will be appreciated!


BTW, before someone asks -
Yes, I have searched the forum and yes, I just saw the aerodynamic Toyota T100 that was already built... funny how someone had the same exact ideas and applied them to the same exact truck.

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