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I worked pretty hard to get nearly 22 out of the ZJ a couple tanks. My kids had the ZJ for the last couple months while I fixed my daughter's Cherokee. And I drove my Neon. And along the way, I didn't update the mileage logs. Shame on me. I'll fix that.

Most of the lift parts were free, friends upgrade all the time, I just need to replace bushings in the control arms. And 2" is all I'm doing. I've said here and with my local 4x4 forum that 2" lift and 31" tires is all I'm doing to this Jeep. And staying with All Terrains. I will also add some armor to the bottom and keep it tucked. Like you said dual purpose, protection and smoothing the airflow. And well, a little more stout than coroplast.

Now, I might be getting a 93 explorer 4x4 with a dead transmission. Really cheap. I've got a friend that is a tranny tech that will walk me through a rebuild. I've always dreaded the thought of a tranny rebuild. I'm just trying to decide what direction to take the Ex. Leave it alone and drive it and make my jeep bigger, or lift it bigger than my Jeep with 35" tires as a more trail oriented rig and keep the Jeep as the daily driver. Immaterial if I don't get it. But fun if I do. I have everything needed to lift the Explorer, and the 35" tires too. Just some stuff I yanked off the Ranger when we changed the lift under it...

I know that some folks here don't agree with my hobby and to each their own. I am an advocate for land access and responsible use. But I do try to save gas where I can. And even though gas is half the price it was this summer, or even cheaper than its been in three years, I still intend to save where I can. Once I'm on the trail and in 4lo, there isn't much I can do to save though.

The Totegote minibikes were made here in Utah from 1958-1970. I got the bike for free from my good friend Scott. He recently rehabbed one too and he got this one free, and passed it on to me. It needs some help but I'll get it ready by spring. (Though riding one through the snow sounds like fun too!) Then Scott and I can head for the hills and go where our Jeeps can't. Just not very fast... 7HP only goes so fast.
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