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Thanks for your input!

Yes, this truck coasts like it has square wheels. It is because (guessing by the feel) the torque converter likes to lock up. My previous CAR was an automatic (its been a while), but i recall that when you let off the gas, the revs would drop to idle and it would coast forever. This truck will actually engine brake all the way down to about 20km/h.

Definatley it is set up with city driving in mind! This thing handles like a minivan driving through downtown areas... even with my race car in the back and all my gear.

My tires are all M&S tires that I bought from a junkyard... I expect that they are pretty hard due to age, so that helps a little, but still, they are all-seasons.

Re: gps... i don't drive this thi ng all over th eplace, only to race tracks or when moving stuff. I ALWAYS plan out not just the shortest route, but the route that will best allow me to cruise at 70km/h over flat terrain... i'm quite anal about saving gas in this thing!

I will read up on the oil possibilities... i will need a change after it has been parked all winter.

I asked google and it says that 23L/100km = 10.2mpg. Bleh.

oi... frustrating. Glad I don't have to drive this thing daily!
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