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Originally Posted by Coyote X View Post
Lowering the rpms isn't always good unless the motor is still in a range that it has good power and is able to hold your speed without a lot of throttle I guess.

With the bigger tires as long as I was real easy accelerating and drove slower than I did with the small tires the mileage was near stock. The biggest problem with the bigger tires is it exposes more tire to the wind and the weight makes accelerating take a lot more gas. So lower speed driving at a constant speed might gain mileage but anything else is worse for mileage at least in my case. Hopefully with the 6 cyl engine yours can handle the rpm drop and the weight of the tires and gain some mileage.
The 6 is plenty strong 1500 to 3000, so maintaining speed isn't a big problem. I haven't floored it to get to highway speeds in a long time, though sometimes onramps make me consider it. The truck was built and programmed for the old 55 MPH speed limit, so getting what I have gotten at the slightly higher speeds is pretty cool.

Yes, the bigger tires have more weight, but I see that as an advantage to help maintain speed. And I am pretty easy accelerating. The tire and wheel package has the tires just inside the fender line, so they aren't out in the breeze. There will be a little more tire exposed with the lift, but that is still a couple weeks away. I can get some numbers before then though.

Oh, and on a daily basis I'm not carrying near as much stuff with me, but I do have a floor jack, straps, tools, water, emergency food, first aid kit, blankets and the like. I drive a mountain pass and its geting to be winter and snow, and have used all the above to help others. Not for myself yet. Hope not to, but, never can tell. For offroading and extended offhighway travel I carry a lot more of the above and all fluids I might need, spare parts, and spill kits. But I digress...
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